Quit Saying That! The List of the Worst Sayings on the Internet and in Real Life

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At the end of the day let’s think outside the box, shall we?

Thanks to a recent Washington Post article highlighting a list of phrases that the journalists are doing away with, I started thinking about the words and phrases that really annoy me. This led to a conversation with my roommate wherein we spent the better part of 2 hours rattling off the worst things said on the internet, in everyday conversation and at work. The WP article was my inspiration but was not in front of me during the list making venture so I am sure there is some crossover which further substantiates the claim that the phrase needs to leave our collective lexicon.

Not Real Words:


Incorrectly Pronounced or Used:

All intensive purposes
Alternative instead of Alternate (Do you have an alternative phone number?)
Ironically (when no irony was involved)
Literally (when describing something that figuratively happened)
Shouldn’t of (Shouldn’t have)

Internet Speak:

Anything that is “pure gold”
Will make your life
Won the internet
Best thing ever
Restore your faith in humanity
30 things every ____ knows about
10 things you didn’t know about ____
17 signs that you’re ____
So this happened
The ____ thing you’ll see all day
What ____ can teach you about ____
Brace Yourself
Keep Calm and ____
____ is your new favorite thing
Which ____ character are you?
10 things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life
Click bait
Link bait
Life hack
The Internet of Things
RT / Share if you agree
You won’t believe what happened next
Spoiler Alert
America’s sweetheart

Business Jargon:

Game changer
Best practices
Taking it to the next level
Tipping point
Move the needle
Out of pocket
Off the grid
At the end of the day
Phoning it in
Checked out of the conversation
Bleeding edge technology
Go-to guy
Think outside the box

Conversation Bombs:

You know what I’m saying?
You know what I mean?
You see what I did there?
By the by
It is what it is
If you will
Just to be clear
As you all know
Just Sayin’
Everyone knows that
For the most part
I swear to God
Ya think so?
I’m sorry but
You people
Wait for it
Not to mention
What it boils down to
Not a fan
Jumped the shark
Neverending battle
Moving on
FYI (in conversation, pronounced Eff Why Eye)
You’ve got to be kidding me
Bless your heart
You don’t say
With all due respect
I know, right?
Oh, please
Are you for real?
Shall we?
You’re telling me

I am guilty of using so many of these and actually had to measure my words during the completion of this post. I’m sure this list is not exhaustive, did I miss one? – Vikki

There were so many suggestions, there’s a Part 2! And now a Part 3!

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