A tasty soft food diet that’s not boring!


OK so for one reason or another you have to face the fact that a big plate of nachos just isn’t in your diet right now.

Whether it is due to a gastrointestinal issue, tooth extraction or other issues it can be hard to think of things to eat when you are prescribed a soft food diet. Don’t worry your life isn’t about to be filled with baby food. But hey, Don’t knock it if you have an extended period of soft foods.

I’ve broken it down into two phases. The first phase is when you literally cannot chew. The second phase is for soft chewing,

The no-chew phase

Soup is better with Brie or cream cheese swirled in – I like Progesso’s creamy mushroom with brie added in. Tomato soup with cream cheese is really good too.

Hummus on a spoon

Guacamole on a spoon

Mashed potatoes (with gravy!)

Mashed sweet potatoes (with Marshmallow Fluff?)


Baby food – Skip meat ones, the veggie and fruit are nice.


Yogurt – Chobani Zero Sugar Mixed Berry is my favorite.



Scrambled or soft boiled eggs

Oatmeal with honey or brown sugar stirred in

Refried beans (melted Velveeta makes this idea even better)

Cottage cheese

Buttered Rice

Egg drop soup

Split pea soup

Ensure- Muscle milk

Protein shakes



Ice cream

Milkshake (no straws if you had an extraction)


Creamy peanut butter on a spoon

Jelly on a spoon

Marshmallow fluff

Chocolate mousse


Frosting on a spoon

Whipped cream 

Cheesecake but don’t eat the crust

Phase Two – soft chewing


Soft breads (mmm pumpkin bread)

Pancakes with syrup

Soft pasta with a smooth sauce (I recommend Alfredo)

Fresh mozzarella

Rao’s Italian Wedding Soup is amazing


Hummus and soft pita

Mac n cheese – Let’s be real Kraft Mac & Cheese is where it’s at.

Mexican Sweet Corn Cake

Chicken noodle soup


This is the point in which you start getting really creative about what you can and cannot eat according to whatever you have going on. Be sure to go easy on yourself. Hopefully you’ll be back in the Cheetos soon.

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