Quit Saying That! – Part 3 – But wait, there’s more!

Woman hands over ears

You think I would have found the end of all of the awful words and phrases we cannot stand. Nope. Here ya go.

Brace yourself
To die for
Love you to the moon and back
Live. Laugh. Love
Pop of color
And… go!
To be perfectly honest with you 
No problem (instead of you’re welcome)
You people
We are pregnant
I seen
Throw shade
Spill the tea
Clap back
He doesn’t give you more than you can handle
BOGO (when its not actual Buy one get one free)
Curb appeal
Nerd alert
I bet I don’t even get one share
Have a blessed day
To make a long story short
I was today years old
Nom nom nom
I can’t wrap my head around this
In agreeance
He goes (instead of He said)
The fact of the matter is
Dead ass
No offense but
I’m gutted
Dilly Dilly
This is true
Not so much
I know, right?
Wait, what?
Dark Money
Well I’ll be darned
Look on the bright side
Dance Mom/Soccer Mom/Baseball Mom
Hot enough for ya?
Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit
Think piece
Same Difference
Just Saying
Agree to Disagree
Fake news
Mouth Feel
Touch Points
Thought leader
You do You

Can you believe there’s a Part One and Part Two?

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