Mexican Sweet Corn Cake (Jiffy Mix)


Many have asked for my sweet corn cake recipe so I thought I’d put it up here so you can make it too. It’s embarrassingly simple.

1 box Jiffy Corn muffin mix,

1 can of creamed corn,

1 stick of melted butter.

Mix together right in the pan you plan on baking it in, and bake at 425 for 30 minutes. I double or triple the recipe depending on the crowd (more time needed for a fuller pan). When done a toothpick will come out clean. I also use an aluminum disposable cake pan so no dish to clean or bring home from a party.

  • Single batch – 8×8 pan – family dinner
  • Double Batch – 9×13 pan – dinner party
  • Triple batch – Deep dish 9 x 13 – neighborhood BBQ

Goes great with chili, Mexican food and BBQ! Kids LOVE it.

Oh, were you waiting for a novel of info having nothing to do with this recipe? Sorry, not my style 🙂 This corncake recipe is courtesy of Ramone, from a Mexican Restaurant that shall not be named.

Mexican Sweet Corn cake

27 Replies to “Mexican Sweet Corn Cake (Jiffy Mix)”

  1. Oh, my God!!! I love you!!! Thank you for not writing about the time you lost your tooth before giving the recipe!!!!

  2. I’m a Floridian transplanted from California, and this reminded me of eating Mexican corn cake in California and loving it! I haven’t seen it in years!
    Tonight is our choir’s annual potluck picnic, and I think I’ll make some to go with the quesadillas I’m bringing.
    I hope it will be as good as others are saying!

    1. I’ve never tried but thats a great idea. I would cut down the cooking time for sure, the edges get a little more done than the middle on the regular one. I would check on it every few minutes. If the top is golden and the edges brownish it should be perfect. I would still use a toothpick to test. If you try it, let us know how it turned out!

  3. Do you still make the box according to directions and then add in the creamed corn and melted butter? Or do you just use the dry mix?

  4. We couldn’t find the Chi-Chi’s mix, so I found your recipe and gave it a whirl. This will be our go to from now on. Excellent. Good Job!!

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